The Yael Group is one of the leading IT groups in Israel Which specializes in technology-based business solutions and performs implementation and integration of a wide range of world-leading software and hardware products. Among the group’s activities are integration projects, implementation of ERP and CRM systems, integration of financial solutions, BI and analytics, cloud solutions, digital and content management. All this in addition to Yael’s extensive experience in providing outsourcing, consultation, and training services. Major components contributing to the success and growth of the Yael Group are continuing innovation combined with the experience of many years, ability to understand customer requirements, and excellent service. This innovation is what helps us turn a concept into customer value and implement ideas beneficially. Thus, for over 50 years now, our customers return time and again to run the next project.


software solutions

Software Solutions

Yael’s Software Solutions division focuses on providing leading value-added software solutions to meet our customers’ business needs. Some of the software solutions we specialize in include ERP, BI, SOA, CRM, knowledge management and analysis solutions, as well as cloud and mobile solutions.

hardware solutions

Hardware Solutions

Yael Integrated Solutions is the infrastructures and hardware division of the Yael Group. The company supplies a host of advanced solutions for storage, backup, communications, server, work stations, PCs, laptops and screens. The company also provides technical service and support for the variety of Dell products marketed in Israel.

Cluod - פתרונות ענן

Cloud Solutions

CloudNow is the Yael Group's cloud solution/platform, which focuses on providing solutions to clients who are considering, planning, or actively moving to the cloud. CloudNow is characterized by providing the most professional solution while keeping costs low and giving both fast and targeted services backed by a leading company. This enables you to focus on your core business.

content management

Document and Content Management

IFN, a member of the Yael Group, is the leading company in leveraging Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) systems for improved, streamlined business performance. IFN represents IBM Analytics products, and supplies installation, development and support services for IBM's ECM products.

Digital and internet

Digital and Internet

The Yael Group's digital and internet solutions focus on providing organizations with solutions that include building complex applications, websites and portals, which combine a novel and attractive look with the most advanced technological tools and standards.

BI and Analytics

BI & Analytics

Actiview, of the Yael Group, deals with consultancy for, and implementation of, BI and Analytics systems, such as: Big Data, data warehouses and infrastructure, marketing solutions such as Marketing Automation, integrative design solutions including budgeting, human resource design, sales, etc. In Actiview, a group of Data Scientists assist organizations to analyze the statistics and to improve the business operations based on data analysis. Actiview has a U.S. branch which provides services in that region.

Implementing Financial Solutions

Implementing Financial Solutions

Tulip Information Systems of the Yael Group provides consulting and integration services for ERP systems, financial data systems, and other organizational data systems. The company's essential advantage is in providing data system solutions which best meet the client's business needs and goals while keeping within schedule and within budget.

Consultancy and Outsourcing

Consultancy and Outsourcing

The outsourcing division of the Yael Group provides outsourcing services in a variety of formats and scopes, from integrating experts where needed through taking full responsibility for managing an organization's IT division, to managing all of an organization's business processes using a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model. The division's extensive experience and size enable us to offer our clients better services, freeing them to focus on their core business.

Translation, Technical writing and Documentation

Translation, Technical writing & Documentation

IFN - Live Linx Division provides a variety of solutions and services in the fields of Technical Communication (Documentation, Helps, Videos, and more) and Translation, upholding the highest and most exacting professional standards, using only the best Technical Writers who work together with you through every step of the process, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Information Security

Information Security

The Yael Group provides a variety of advanced solutions in the field of Information Security, produced by world-leading software and hardware companies. In addition, the Yael Group employs a variety of highly experienced experts in the field of Information Security.

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The Yael Group is the largest private IT company in Israel, specializing in custom software development as well as consultation, guidance and integration of various technological solutions and projects. The group also supplies outsourcing services in a wide range of infrastructure and software fields. One of the major reasons for the successes Yael software has achieved throughout the years is its specialization and solution centers, which provide a solid technological base of professional knowledge, while focusing on partnerships with clients, and maintaining long term reliability and professionalism.

After investing so many resources in developing the product, it is very important to also invest in documenting it. Documentation is an inseparable facet of the product offering, which improves the image of your product and your company, and aids you in your sales processes. In 2007 IFN acquired Live Linx, the leading technical documentation company in Israel with over 20 years of experience, and since then Live Linx operates as a division of Yael. IFN Live Linx employs a team of professional and experienced writers who will lead you through the project’s documentation process to your full satisfaction.


Technical documentation services have become an integral and necessary part of the development cycle, assisting in the product building phase, through its integration phase, and to its marketing and sales phases.
These solutions reduce users’ reliance on the organization’s technical support services, minimizing resource utilization and aiding the development process. Professional, user-friendly documentation creates a positive image for the product and the company, and is imperative to their success.


In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, it is important that an organization focus on its core areas of expertise. Outsourcing its technical documentation enables the organization to receive the best professional solution from the finest experts, while focusing on its business core issues. IFN Live Linx’s professional writers have many years of experience in a variety of technical fields, such as telecommunications, hi-tech, startups, medicine, bio-technology, aviation, defense, and more. Our clients include Applied Materials, 3M, Siemens, Ceragon, Hexagon Metrology, Orbograph, Tadiran Spectralink and many more.

Our range of solutions include:


User guides, operator guides, videos, installation and maintenance guides, systems documentation, technical presentations, catalogs, responses to tenders, and varied technical literature for software, hardware, medical equipment, telecommunications, defense systems, and more. IFN also offers a variety of technical services tailored to the business needs of various organizations. Depending on the nature of the documentation needed, we determine the best tool to use for authoring and maintaining the documentation, ensuring that your documentation looks good, and presents the intended information effectively, now and for future iterations.


Working with Live Linx gives you flexibility to choose the work method best suited to your needs:

Long range positions OR Per-project model – writers can be placed at the client’s premises or in IFN Live Linx’s offices.


Affordable Top-Tier Documentation Services

Contact one of our managers today:

Eitan Lefkowitz – +972-54-5696255 – eitanl@ifnllx.com

At Yael Group we believe that the company’s employees form the basis for the company’s image and its ability to spearhead advanced and complex projects for over 50 years. The human resource is our main asset and it is therefore important for us to invest in fostering it.


Because professionalism is of paramount importance in Yael Software and Systems, we take care to recruit new talent and foster existing talent by encouraging personal and professional learning and development. To this end the company develops managerial and professional advancement courses tailored to the various divisions.

At Yael we believe in our people and in internal advancement and offer a stable workplace with many and varied advancement opportunities. It is no coincidence that the average seniority of Yael workers is 7 years.

Most of the company’s managerial positions and senior posts are manned by Yael employees who advanced to these positions. Yael Software also believes in team work and information sharing, fairness and integrity, as well as being service-oriented, business driven, and meeting goals. You are invited to join the Yael family and become part of a company that combines technological, professional and personal leadership.

IT position

Over three years of experience as System Administrator
Experience in installing and maintaining WIN servers in the enterprise environment – mandatory
Experience in installing and maintaining VMWARE servers– mandatory
Experience in writing scripts – an advantage
Relevant references – an advantage
Send resume to: jobs@yaelsoft.com

Information Security position

Over three years of experience in an information security position
Experience in working with information security technologies: FW, AV, IPS, DLP, IDS – mandatory
Experience in performing server hardening – mandatory
Experience in performing penetration testing – an advantage
Experience in working with communications networks and equipment – an advantage
Send resume to: jobs@yaelsoft.com

Experienced .NET Web developer position

At least three years development experience – mandatory
Extensive C# knowledge – mandatory
Comprehensive understanding of the .NET development environment, with an emphasis on the client side – mandatory
Experience as an architect with an emphasis on a Web environment system – mandatory
Knowledgeable regarding databases, advantage to Oracle
Broad overall system viewpoint
Experience in large-scale core systems
Relevant academic education or equivalent military course
Send resume to: jobs@yaelsoft.com

JAVA J2EE Developer position

Over two years of experience in J2EE development – mandatory
Good command of Pure Java
Experience in SOAP, REST
Basic knowledge in developing client-side HTML, CSS, JavaScript – mandatory
Familiarity with AngularJS – an advantage
Experience in working with databases – an advantage
BA in Computer Science or Software Engineering or graduate of a military programming course – an advantage
Send resume to: jobs@yaelsoft.com

QA position

Two years of experience in software testing
Methodical work using testing methodologies, QC process management, writing test documents, etc.
BA or practical engineering graduate – degree in a technical field (Information Systems, Software), or a certified graduate of a testing course
Experience in running SQL queries
Send resume to: jobs@yaelsoft.com

Mobile and Web Systems Analyst position

BA in Industrial and Management Engineering / Information Systems
Experience in web system analysis in a large organization – 3 years at least
Experience in the mobile field – at least one year
Familiarity with interfaces to CRM and SAP systems
AS400 – an advantage
Send resume to: jobs@yaelsoft.com

Yael Software and Systems is an integration and IT company established in 1963, and is considered one of the leading system integration companies in Israel. The company has extensive knowledge and experience in development, implementation and training in various environments, and in providing a variety of end-to-end technological solutions.

The Yael Group is the largest private IT company in Israel, specializing in custom software development as well as consultation, guidance and integration of various technological solutions and projects. The group also supplies outsourcing services in a wide range of infrastructure and software fields. One of the major reasons for the successes Yael software has achieved throughout the years is its specialization and solution centers, which provide a solid technological base of professional knowledge, while focusing on partnerships with clients, and maintaining long term reliability and professionalism.


The group includes five companies, each a leader in its field:


Yael Software and Systems - one of the leading integration and IT companies in Israel – the largest company in the group.

Yael Integrated Solutions - Hardware and infrastructure solutions.

IFN Solutions - Marketing, implementation and integration of document management systems, imaging, workflow, and documentation.

Tulip Information Systems - provides consulting and implementation services for ERP, financial and other organizational systems.

Actiview- specializing in BI & Analytics.


In addition, SURECOMP is a group of international companies, which related to Yael and specializes in Global Trade Solutions for Banks and Corporates. The SURECOMP Group operates overseas and has hundreds of installations in large international banks abroad.

To receive information, please select your area of interest.
Your inquiry will be forwarded to a Yael expert in the relevant field who will be happy to contact you soon.

For Dell products service and support click here
To send a CV click here
To go to the software division’s support site click here.

Yael’s software solutions group focuses on providing leading software solutions with added value for our customer’s business needs. The group’s software solutions consist of several main layers, which constitute the organization’s information systems:

Business Applications

This area includes a variety of implementations represented or developed by Yael Software. Major examples include the google solutions in the office productivity, search and maps field, Yael’s MegaCenter product in the Contact Center field, salesforce in the cloud crm field, output management and excel automation solutions.

Business Processes

This area includes a variety of solutions in the integration and business processes management field, above and between the organizational applications. The solutions are based on TIBCO products, the world leader in the BPM and SOA fields.

Business Optimization

This area includes a variety of solutions that aid analysis and transparency of applied data and business processes. This area includes solutions in the knowledge management and business intelligence fields, with an emphasis on business rules systems and complex event processing systems.

Oracle Solutions

The company also specialized in a variety of Oracle solutions in the three areas listed above.

Yael Integrated Solutions Ltd. provides advanced infrastructure and integration solutions in a wide variety of fields.

  • A Dell product line for computerization and storage, including operating Dell’s logistic hub in Israel, and support for Dell’S new international DBS service
  • Integration solutions in computerization, communication, and data security, including a gold partnership with Microsoft and an authorized Help Desk support
  • Consulting, project management, and integration in a variety of infrastructure fields, including data security.
  • Unique solutions for banking mechanization, such as ATM machines, data kiosks, check book issuers, magnetic card readers, TCR machines, and more
  • Country-wide coverage of the services division and professional services division, which provides installation ability, services and outsourcing in various models for the solutions listed above
The cooperation between Yael Integrated Solutions and Yael Software and Systems, one of the veteran and leading software companies in Israel, enables the group to provide a complete solution to its clients, starting at the application level through the planning and execution phases, up to the infrastructure and maintenance levels.

Management, marketing and sales - Atir Yeda 9, Kfar Saba, Tel: 09-7639333
Services and repair lab- Maskit 6, Herzliya Pituach, Tel: 09-9527555