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Business Processes and Integration

Yael Group’s Business Processes and Integration offering connects between systems, information, processes, and people. Our seasoned professionals specialize in large, complex projects based on the TIBCO integration platform – the world leader in integration and BPM. We also specialize in API management solutions, including Google’s Apigee, which was named a global leader by Gartner and Forrester.

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ERP Solutions

Yael Group’s ERP offering provides end-to-end implementation and integration of corporate ERP systems. Our longstanding and unmatched expertise in large-enterprise, complex-project Oracle systems encompasses all ERP components – including client management, finances, budget management, logistics, and HR.

Additionally, we specialize in integrating Priority systems for SMB organizations, and boast a record of hundreds of successful projects, using multiple versions and unique models developed by the offering – such as a scanning module, a digital archive, and a modifications-log module. We also offer a unique cloud service for Priority that enables server access and connection with other applications.

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CRM and Customer Experience

Yael Group’s CRM offering provides customer relationship and call center solutions, with a unique specialization in Salesforce. We provide and optimize all the solutions and services available on the Salesforce platform, including consultation, development, and integration.


Cloud Solutions

Yael Group’s Cloud Solutions offering provides complete management of the customer’s cloud infrastructure, both on-premises and remotely, including managed services, budget control, cloud architecture, and specialized secure cloud architecture. Yael Group is a certified partner of leading cloud providers GCP (Google) and AWS (Amazon).


Digital Solutions

Yael Group’s digital offering provides enterprise solutions that include developing and building complex applications, websites, and portals – using innovative design and cutting-edge technologies at the highest standards. This all-in-one offering features everything from strategic consultations at concept stage, to user experience planning, full technological development, and post-launch support.


Data and Analytics

Yael Group’s Data and Analytics offering provides comprehensive consultation and integration for a variety of BI and analytics systems – from data repository and big data infrastructure setup, to search engine solutions, managing of complex events, and beyond. Additionally, our data scientist services leverage data analysis, machine learning, chatbots and AI to help enterprises optimize their services and operations. This includes leading solutions offered by Neo4j, Spotfire, and CouchBase.

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Financial Technology Solutions

Yael Group’s finance solutions offering specializes in the consultation and integration of financial systems, helping enterprises to leverage their finance departments and achieve regulatory compliance. This includes a broad range of solutions for financial planning, financial data analysis, financial report merging and editing, and more. As part of this offering, Yael Group has partnered with such companies as Jedox, Spreadsheet Server, Certent, and Kontroller.

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Data Security

Yael Group’s Data Security offering provides a broad range of security solutions for large and complex organizations. We specialize in a variety of fields, such as strong multi-factor authentication, authorization, access control, single sign-on, VDI endpoint infrastructure, and malware protection solutions. These services allow the customer's users to access business information easily and safely, and dramatically reduce security threats and operational costs. Yael Group has partnered with leading security companies, such as Stratodesk, BeyondTrust, Imprivata, and Pcysys, to name a few, in order to supply cutting-edge solutions to our customers.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Renowned as an Israeli IT market leader, Yael Group’s ECM offering provides business automation services, allowing large organizations to move and manage enterprise information through business processes. With in-depth knowledge of IBM solutions, we specialize in data capture and collection, text searches, and implementing Robotic Process Automation. Using these levers for operational streamlining in a paperless, digital world, we’ve helped numerous organizations that service thousands of users to manage countless terabytes of information.


Queue Management

Yael Group’s queue management offering specializes in developing, implementing, and integrating queue management solutions. Yael Group has partnered with Callflow to use Q-nomy’s world-leading QFlow solution, which helps to manage queue behavior, cut wait times, and boost customer satisfaction. In addition, QFlow allows for active waiting through digital signage with relevant information – as well as wait time, quit rate, and queue time analysis. These solutions can be integrated at all levels of architecture and complexity, to manage casual or scheduled queues, both physical and virtual, on the enterprise server or as a cloud service.

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Hardware Solutions

Yael Group’s hardware offering specializes in advanced infrastructure and equipment for all purposes, including storage, backup, communications, servers, workstations, personal computers, laptops, and screens. We provide full setup and consultation services based on the client’s needs, whether remotely and on-site. Our unique expertise with Dell enables us to provide full service and support for the full range of Dell products in Israel.

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Technical Documentation

For over 20 years, Yael Group’s technical documentation experts have been providing technical writing and translation services to verticals ranging from software and hardware to medical equipment, communications, military systems, and more. Our professional team of technical writers guides customers through the entire project lifecycle, generating top-notch user guides, operator guides, installation and operation manuals, system documentation, technical presentations, responses to tenders, and other technical literature.


Outsourcing and Managed Services

Leveraging its extensive activities and professional experience, Yael Group provides specialist outsourcing for purposes of managed services, consulting, special projects, ongoing enterprise system maintenance and support, and integration of the various computing solutions in which Yael specializes. This offering is available in a variety of contractual models and methods depending on scope, from integrating experts into project/domain-specific customer teams, through managing an organization’s IT system, to a managed service responsible for an organization’s entire technological processes.

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Offshore Services and Outstaffing

Yael Group’s outstaffing activity specializes in integrating and implementing the world’s leading software products, providing outsourced services, and expanding developer teams. We employ a team of about 120 experienced developers and programmers in the Ukraine, who provide professional, affordable development – with full availability, no time difference, and no language barriers. So whether you need a single programmer or a full dev team, we are ready to take on your task.